Birth day celebration of Shah Jalal who was a celebrated Sufi Muslim figure in Bengal Jalal’s name is associated with the Muslim conquest of north-eastern Bengal and the spread of Islam in Bangladesh through Sufism.

He was born (1271ce) in Hadramaut, Yemen. Died (1347) In Sylhet, Bangladesh. Since then every year on his birthday thousands of his followers comes from all over the country and outside the country to celebrate his birth day (Uruss).

The celebration lasts for few days. It starts by giving respected clothing cover (Gilaf) on top of his grave(Majar). Two to three hundred gilaf will be given to his grave to show their respect. Then starts the celebration with lots of praying massive gathering.

Every year about 1500 people help to volunteer and run this big event. Last year there were 96 cow given as a gift for the feast. About one hundred chefs were cooking for the whole night to produce tons of Shirni (Biriyani-rice and meat cooked together).

Everyone believes this Shirni is holy and is a blessing to eat from it. At the end of the third day, early in the morning, thousands and thousands of people will queue for this precious Shirni and the local police even volunteer to help.